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Can everybody fly?
Almost everybody between the ages of 4 and 104, under the maximum weight of 120 kg (264 lbs), can come to fly with us. Minors under the age of 18 will need to provide written consent of their parents or legal guardians.
What is a vertical wind tunnel?
In a vertical wind tunnel, air is constantly moved at high speeds through a circulatory system. The result is a strong pillar of air, in which humans can fly. Flyers can move in the air with body movements. Wind tunnels are a good tool for learning how to free fall within a controlled and safe environment.
What is the maximum weight?
The maximum weight is 120 kg (264 lbs).
Can I wear my glasses during the flight?
Yes, absolutely. You will receive goggles that are big enough to comfortably wear your glasses under.
Can I eat and drink something before flying?
We recommend eating only something small before flying. You can drink as much as you need before flying, but please refrain from alcoholic beverages.
What is the maximum speed in the wind tunnel?
The fans installed at WINDOBONA Berlin can move 1.5 tons of air per second. This equates to a wind speed of up to 280 km/h (174 mph).
Will a flyer be alone in the wind tunnel? Can several persons fly together?
An experienced instructor will be at all times with you inside the flight chamber. Inexperienced persons should always fly together with their instructor. Experienced flyers and skydivers use the wind tunnel for training complex formations together with up to eight people at the same time.
Do I need to have any previous experience?
No, no experience is necessary. Every flyer will be briefed by our instructors before the flight in the wind tunnel. During this briefing you will learn basic body positions and everything you need to know for your first flight.
What should I bring with me?
We will borrow you a jumpsuit, helmets, ear protection and goggles. You only need to bring clean lace-up shoes (sport shoes).
Will I receive videos and pictures of my flight?
Yes, you can buy videos and pictures of your flight in the wind tunnel.
Is it possible to celebrate a (children’s) birthday at Windobona Indoor Skydiving Berlin?
Yes. You can rent a private room for that. We will take care of everyone before and after flying. If you let us know in advance, we can also create a special menu for the guests.
Is it possible to rent rooms for conferences or other functions?
Yes. You can rent a room for any occasion. Please give us a call, and we will create an offer that suits your needs. -Is there a restaurant? Yes. Come and have fresh snacks and drinks!

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