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Opening hours:

Mo.-Thu.: 14am – 10pm
Fr.-Sun.: 11am – 10pm

Our tunnel

Already since the late 19th century, wind tunnels have been built for scientific research about aerodynamics. The first vertical wind tunnel built especially for human flight was built 1978 in Canada. Since then, the technology has advanced quite a bit.

Today, WINDOBONA builds modern and sophisticated wind tunnels that can move 1.5 tons of air per second, reach wind speeds of up to 280km/h (174 mph), and can be used by up to eight persons at the same time.

Thus, experienced flyers can share time in the tunnel, train together, and learn from each other. During the flight in the tunnel, the wind speed can be adjusted according to the flyers’ height, weight, and experience.

The dream of flight

The dream of human flight is almost as old as mankind itself. We have always looked up to the sky and wished we could fly like a bird. Thanks to modern technology, this dream has become more tangible than ever before.

Logo WINDOBONA Berlin GmbH