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Opening hours:

Mo.-Thu.: 14am – 10pm
Fr.-Sun.: 11am – 10pm

Events and incentives

Experiences made together become vibrant memories, create closer bonds, and boost team spirit.
At WINDOBONA Berlin, we offer customized programs to cater for your company’s needs.

Why choose us?

Whatever the occasion is, we will help you realize your team building events, product presentations, company parties, or conferences with a kick of adrenaline. You can rent a private room for meetings and conferences and after successfully completing the flight in the wind tunnel, our restaurant team will be happy to serve you food and drinks.

Are you interested? Let us know what you have in mind so that we can create a customized offer for you: booking@windobona.berlin


Company incentives

For us, it is very important that all of your participants will get a unique flying experience.

Therefore we will work out an individual flying package for your group. Contact us via booking@windobona.berlin for your customized offer and we will contact you immediately.

If you already know the number of participants or have a date in mind, please let us know.

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