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3 Ola Camp


Ron & Ola Camp

You find freestyle fascinating?
You want to get into creative flying?
You know some moves but have no idea how to build a proper routine?
This workshop is build to help intermediate flyers (Juniors and adults) who wish to progress into competitive level.
Ron Miasnikov – FAI judge, will teach you all you need to know about the rules, how to build a proper routine, what the judges are looking for, and how to spice up the moves you already know to get better results.
Ola Soltyk – Freestyler with over 200 h of tunnel flying and Indoor artistic judge as well.
Fun, creative and experience coach.

Workshop outlines:
Theory: (in between flying sessions) (Ron)

  • build your tool box (all the moves you don’t know you know)
  • how to get the most of what you already know
  • how to build a routine (and what the judges are looking for?)
  • find your own signature move
  • routine connections and lines
  • compulsories moves – rules
  • Tunnel sessions : (recommended 2 hours per flyer) (Ola)
  • Basic moves – spins, flips, flairs
  • Flying lines
  • Compulsories moves
  • “Find your own move”
  • Flying your new routine
    (The flying sessions are individual and tailored to each flyer’s level. )

Time slots available for sunday and monday!

800 € for the theory Workshop and 1 hour coached flying time!
For bookings or more information please email to


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